Over the last several years the art of staging a home for sale has become very important. Maximizing value is an integral part of the sale process but there are several other issues that could make staging as fruitless as putting “lipstick on a pig”.


Mold in any part of the home can be a serious hurdle to clear in the minds of buyers. Mold can be disturbing on a small scale around tubs and showers but what about when it’s in the roof? The fix can be minor or major but will often steer buyers toward a home without this issue.


The roof on any dwelling is a major expense and should be a concern when told that it may have five years until replacement. This should be an indication that there is a major expense on the horizon and the hot tub may have to wait. The roof needs to be replaced before leaks occur to avoid costly interior fixes and mold.


Over pricing is a major deal killer. An unrealistic price can exclude potential buyers before you even get them in the door. Buyers and salespersons are linked to the online world and if your property is filtered out of a search because you have insisted on a high price don’t expect too many showings. Listen to the advice of your real estate professional.


When potential buyers walk across the threshold colour is the first topic of discussion. Sure we all love our man cave painted in our teams colours along with a prominent logo to make Saturday night special but not all buyers can be Leafs fans. To get top dollar use neutral colours and appeal to the widest audience possible. Pack up your Bud Goal light and save it for the new man cave.


Many of these problems can be realized and fixed by clearing clutter, cleaning and deodourizing. These three steps can ensure a favourable showing.


Lastly from the buyer’s perspective, make sure your have taken the proper steps to seek preapproval before you start house hunting. Nothing is more disheartening than finding your dream home and then being told you can’t get financed.


To discuss these and many other issues with buying and selling real estate give us a call and let’s talk. 


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