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  Andrea & Chris - Selling My Condo

Patricia and Kevin were great! They are workaholics. Patricia gave us awesome staging advice, which helped us sell our condo quicker than expected. Patricia and Kevin then helped us find our dream house. They are excellent communicators who always promptly answered our questions. I will be recommending them to family and friends.

Adrea & Chris

  Lisa & Ernie - A Unique Home to Sell

Patricia and Kevin did a fantastic job selling our house and helping us buy another one! Our house is located downtown Brooklin, where all the houses are so different, so difficult coming up with a perfect list price. Trish did her research and priced it properly and sold it in 1 week! My husband and I were really impressed with all her data and her preparation. She helped me with staging and the photographer she used did a wonderful job! The house we bought had a bidding war and for that too, Trish and Kevin gave us the right advice and we got the house! I would definitely recommend this team! Thanks guys!

  Michelle & John - Pleasant and Painless

You made the whole experience very pleasant and painless. We can't thank you enough. We will certainly recommend you to everyone we know that is looking to buy and/or sell.

  Deborah - Smooth & Easy
Thanks for everything....so smooth and easy!!I will most definitely pass your name on!!
  Tracey & Tim - Exceptional Experience

What an exceptional experience working with Patricia. She has a sincere and honest approach which gave us such comfort during what could have been a very stressful time. She was patient and had our best interests top of mind. She learned about our needs, represented us on all fronts and gave us great advice. I would and have recommended her. Our house was sold in less than a week and it blew us away. Had it not been for her I'm certain the experience would have been much more difficult. Patricia continues to work with us as we approach our closing date and I sincerely appreciate her!!

  Shannon & Ian - First Home Purchase
My partner and I were in the market for our first home...We had an idea of what we were looking for and a price range. I had known Patricia on a personal note for a few years so when we decided to seriously look for a home, I gave her a call....We made a list of a few homes we saw on PAtricia's website and arranged a day to go looking. Patricia had taken the initiative to bring along information on a few other homes we hadn't seen which she based on our previous conversations. Patricia was professional, educated and honest with us through the whole process and after a day of open houses and tours, we found the home of our dreams...It just happened to be a house that Patricia had suggested. 
Patricia takes the time to learn about her clients which I feel, contributes greatly to the whole house searching experience. She was with us every step of the way, and was a fierce negotiator during the offer process. She is personable, honest and shows a great passion for her job. 
I would recommend Patricia to anyone interested in purchasing a home, but mostly I would recommend her for first time home buyers...
We had a great experience, learned a lot from Patricia and felt confident in her knowledge and abilities. 
Shannon and Ian
  Jacquie - Staging got my home SOLD

I thought I could stage my home myself. I was mistaken Patricia took the time out her busy schedule added a few paint touch ups, staged my home to attract the right buyer and within a couple of showings we sold our house. Her expertise when selling is second to none.

  Susan - SOLD My Home And It Wasn't Listed
Patricia new I had previously attempted to sell my home but due to market conditions I was not successful. I received a call from her one day asking if she could show my property to some clients of hers. I was still interested in selling so I agreed. She brought a lovely couple through my home and within a week I was looking at an offer. Patricia SOLD my home!  It was an absolute pleasure working with Patricia Guest.  She has a wonderful personality.  Her professionalism and prompt attention to each and every detail allows the client to focus on day to day life.  Patricia holds a high degree of integrity and respect for her client.  I highly recommend Patricia as an excellent real estate agent.
  Holly - Out of Town Sellers

Patricia helped sell my house recently. She was very professional and aggressive, which was a huge help for us as we had relocated to Alberta and were not even living in the same province. Her aggressive sales techniques enabled us to sell our house quickly and avoid having the worry have having a property in a very far away location. I would recommend Patricia to anyone that wants to sell their house in a timely manner.

  John & Lynn - Money Is Not Always the Deciding Factor
Friends of ours recommended Kevin and Patricia after another agent failed to secure a property for us in Peterborough.
The Guest’s drove to Peterborough met with my wife and I, and listened intently to our concerns, and what was important to us when looking for a new home.
That weekend we began our search, and a short time later we found the home of our dreams. Only after closing did we find out that one of the main reasons the sellers decided to accept our offer over another offer was due to how they were treated by  Kevin and Patricia in offer negotiations.  The Sellers having lived and raised their children in their home wanted the Buyers to love their home as much as they did. Kevin and Patricia fought for us to get the home of our dreams. The Sellers even accepted a lower offer so that we would get their home. Most people think that price is the only deciding factor for the sale of a home but in our case, Kevin and Patricia made a connection with the sellers and in doing so were able to show the sellers that we were the perfect buyers for their property. Not all agents are as personable and easy going as the Guest’s. Their thoughtful attitude and good nature made all the difference. Thank you!
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